Chris Jones

Chris Jones
Name: Chris Jones
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Brief Description: I am a contemporary Welsh folk balladeer who sings songs in Welsh and English, from the traditions of the British Isles and further afield.
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Chris Jones has been singing traditional folk songs from Wales and beyond for over 20 years and has been described as a contemporary folk balladeer.  He has picked up songs as a student in England and from singing in festivals and sessions throughout the nations of the British Isles for over 20 years.  Chris was originally an unaccompanied traditional singer, but later he integrated the songs into his own arrangements and interpretations on guitar and bouzouki in the traditional folk idiom in both Welsh and English. He sees the process of Folk Music very much as an historic and living tradition in development.

Chris is most frequently compared to Meic Stevens, which is always a compliment, but his songwriting and guitar playing are more reminiscent of Bert Jansch or John Renbourn. Apart from Meic Stevens and Plethyn from Wales, Chris also lists Dick Goughan from Scotland, Christie Moore and Planxy from Ireland and Woody Guthrie and Nick Jones as his influences.

“I see myself more as part of the living tradition in development, and I enjoy the process and challenge of re-interpreting the folk songs for a contemporary audience” says Chris
Like all of these great characters and revered guitarists, Chris’ songs reverberate with a life hard-lived. His music had to take a back seat when he suffered two, major, debilitating accidents. These are, perhaps, the reason his name and his music aren’t better known.

“When Chris recorded a session for Georgia Ruth’s C2 programme at the tail-end of 2013, the yearning, unaffected beauty of his songs – the truth in his rich baritone – reduced the battle-hardened engineers and production staff to tears. And yes, that’s as rare an occurrence as you might imagine.”
Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales

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