Elin y Delyn

Elin y Delyn
Name: Elin y Delyn
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Brief Description: Professional harpist with a difference: modern and popular music as well as stunning Classical and traditional Welsh music.
Phone: + 44 (0) 7908 727 041 +44 (0) 1443 224989

Add a beautiful, unforgettable atmosphere and a touch of class to your event. I am a professional harpist with a difference specialising in modern and popular music as well as a full range of stunning Classical and Welsh music for your guests. Weddings, business events, anniversary celebrations, launches, open evenings, graduation ceremonies, exhibitions- with an eclectic repertoire of songs, I enjoy creating your style of atmosphere.

Based in South Wales, I am a private harp teacher in Llantrisant, Merthyr and Carmarthen. Weddings and other events see me travel much further afield, around Gloucester, Brecon and West Wales. My Harps: I have a full size 47 string grand concert harp with extended soundboard for my usual events, and a 36 string Celtic Harp for small intimate venues and teaching. I use my 15 lap harps for workshops in schools and the community. I love Harps!

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Listing Title: Elin y Delyn

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